Learning From Life

A lot of my life lessons seem to come in disguise,

from lies I often hear, or my mistakes I despise.

But see, highs come with the lows—there’s no time to be losing hope

It’s a gift to be given life, so for mine I’m moving on to do better things.

Regrets will be brought to a minimum.

I’ve given that a chance to soak in my mind since a little one.

I plan to recreate my visions—not let money rot my mind,

and decline all of society’s plots to just confine me.

I’ll find me!—and account for all my happiness,

Combat the shit that acts against my work being my passion since I’m after it.

I’ve got the sense to put my priorities in line.

And define a better person, with a purpose more divine.

To help inspire you to aim, for dreams you have ahead of you,

The pedestal can be reached, don’t let no one Geppetto you.

Don’t play Pinocchio—a puppet for your master,

Go on, go after all you wishing at the moment—you can capture it…


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