Define Love: Her

love noun \ˈləv\

: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

: attraction that includes sexual desire 

: the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship

: a person you love in a romantic way


That’s the denotation of Love, but I’d rather personalize it…


Love to me is the warmth of her body next to mine as we lay together.

Love is her alluring brown eyes as she looks up to give me a kiss.

Love is her captivating smile that makes it so easy to reciprocate.

Love is her cute—yet sexy—eccentric ways.

Love is the chemistry we share; a phenomenon in itself.

Love is the way we grow closer through any issues we have.

Love is our openness and acceptance of one another’s self-disclosures.

Love is the way she accepts me at my worst, which makes me strive to give her my best.

Love is the way she fits perfectly in my arms when I grasp her tight, wishing to never have to let go.

Love is her soft touch on the back of my neck as she sits passenger while I drive.

Love is her quiet grunt in the morning when it’s time to get out of bed.

Love is her expressive emotions, though they could be volatile.

Love is made when we let out all of our sexual desires and affection, together in harmony.

Love is everything I feel for her and what my heart holds dear for her.


I could read any dictionary and find the definition of Love,

Though I never knew what it had truly meant until I found her.


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