Short Story: Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss

Copyright © Charles Baker

It’s always tough to think back to the good ‘ol days. The time before I was conscious of my surroundings and how fucked up this world is. I like to reminisce a lot. It’s peaceful to think of the time when money didn’t control my every move, or when I could act care free ‘cause I was actually care free. It’s like peace was just a part of me in those days, prior to adulthood. Maybe that ‘ol saying, “ignorance is bliss” has some truth to it.

Anyways, it’s harder to think of those good ‘ol days ever since I found myself on the streets. I just always find myself thinking of those school assignments at every important grade there was, where you had to put what you’ll be when you get older. I never once would have imagined how things would really pan out. I mean I thought I had my cards in order; I thought I always played my hand right. But, I guess I thought wrong.

What’s crazy is, that this whole situation isn’t even my fault—you know, being homeless and all. I don’t want to play the pity card, but it’s just that I did everything I was supposed to—and look where it got me! I did the school thing—I studied business. But now I couldn’t even mind my own business if I wanted to, because I don’t even have a pot to piss in! I thought that sheet of paper was going to be my golden ticket, you know. Apparently I was one of those bad eggs instead. Maybe I should have worked, or picked up a trade, or maybe read those textbooks my parents paid for, or something. I don’t know—but this shit’s wack.

Every night I’m in search of a decent spot to crash. I make my rounds on the subway, panhandling. I’ve actually worked up a pretty good pitch—there are those business skills! The only thing is, people look at me like I shouldn’t be in this situation that I’m in. And they’re exactly right! I’m a college graduate for fucks sake. I mean, I didn’t really pay attention—I’ll admit, I was boozing a lot and kind of dicked off—but I got the certificate, and that’s all that matters anyways!

I see these people picking through the trash to cash in the recyclables for money, but fuck that—don’t they have any pride? I’d rather just put on a good act and hold out a hat. I feel bad for those bums that don’t have it in them to ask for handouts and would rather spend their days looking like fools. They must just be too stupid to realize they could just take from other people. See man, ignorance is really bliss. Oh shit, here comes the train now. I really wish I didn’t have to do this, but that’s just how this shitty world works…







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