Sounds that sooth the soul:

Kendrick Lamar – Let Me Be Me

Kendrick Lamar is a staple name in the hip-hop genre, due to his enlightened lyricism and critically acclaimed conceptual albums. Hitting rewind on the groundbreaking career of Kendrick Lamar, we bring you back to where his sound was first established—as he transitioned out of his “K Dot” days—on the Kendrick Lamar EP. Enjoy “Let Me Be Me”—a track I’m sure we can all relate to, as we make our way in a world that seems inclined to conformity.

The Light – Prism

Jeff Blair, Camden Riley, and James Stevens join together to bring us The Light. This trio has been focusing on work influenced by Jazz, Hip-Hop, Bass Music, Reggae, Psychedelia, Down-tempo and Electronic Music. Aiming to be somewhat different, you will find The Light to be an intriguing blend of electronics and analogs.

Blue Sky Black Death – Noir

Based in the Bay Area, Blue Sky Black Death (BSBD) —consisting of Ryan Maguire (Kingston) and Ian Taggart (Young God)—is a duo known for hip hop and instrumental music that blends live instrumentation and sampling.